• Czech aromatherapeutic society was founded in 2012 as a citizen association purpose of which is to unite and educate aromatherapy oriented people and societies. We have been striving  for spreading of information and materials on the subject of aromatherapy and on complex attitude towards  man and this through active cooperation with other subjects engaged in aromatherapy.
  • We have been  looking up the newest studies and findings on the subject of holistic approach towards man, concerning mostly aromatherapy, natural cosmetics but also other associated not less important therapeutic disciplines (gemmotherapy, phytotherapy, Chinese medicine, ayjurveda, quintessence, color therapy etc.).
  • Essentials oils can be used in many ways. From medicinal to spiritual. Our courses will be focused on sharing unique professional information on the subject of aromatherapy and natural cosmetics in connection to associated science. We follow the motto: „Everything is related to everything.“
  • We have been actively working on holding seminars in the Czech republic and this always with internationally acclaimed professionals in the field of aromatherapy from the whole world. Our society will provide quality information, education and certification in  aromatherapy by offering complex and objective source fro professional and lay interested people in holistic therapy.